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David Knight


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David Knight Hypnotist

David Knight - International and TV Hypnotherapist

Welcome to the web site of Master Hypnotist David Knight. here you will find information on David Knight Hypnotherapist, hypnosis, hypnotic CDs, stage hypnosis DVDs and hypnotic e-books.

All products purchased now come with free worldwide delivery.



David Knight - The Mind Persuader - World Class Hypnotist


Stage Hypnotist

Hypnosis Trainer

TV Hypnotist

One of the worlds leading Hypnotists




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David Knight Hypnotherapist

David Knight is a professionally trained Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of  experience behind him. David Knight is available for private hypnotherapy consultations across the UK. As a Hypnotherapist David has dealt with many hundreds of clients over the years and can help in areas such as stopping smoking, weight loss, fears and phobias, stress management, pain relief and so much more. The Hypnotherapist button to the top left will give you more information on David Knight as a Hypnotherapist.



David Knight one of the worlds best loved Stage Hypnotists

As a Stage Hypnotist David Knight has performed over 5,000 professional stage shows around the world. hypnotizing over 50,000 volunteers. If you are looking for a hypnotic cabaret act for your venue, then you have just found one of the most professional stage hypnosis acts in the UK with hypnotism performances world wide and a reputation second to none. Within minutes of starting the show the volunteers are whisked into a world where reality and fantasy collide. The volunteers become rock stars, musicians, washing machines, pop up toasters, monkeys at the tea party, racing car drivers, Martians, pole dancers, and of course hypno chickens! All this happens within the first few minutes of the show starting. This is without question one of the funniest hypnotic comedy shows in the world today.




TV Hypnotist

TV Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist

As a Television Hypnotist David Knight has appeared on programs and documentaries such as the Big Breakfast, Alien Hand Syndrome, Jerry Halls - Kept, Breakfast Television and the BBC Travel Show.  TV Hypnotist David Knight has worked for the BBC, Endemol, Daisy Beck Productions, Celador and Channel 4.

David Knight Television Hypnotist is available to help with most TV productions please contact the office for more information. The Buttons to the top left will guide you around the web site.



David Knight - Hypnosis Trainer

David Knight is a professional trainer with The British Academy of Hypnosis. David has been training since 1993 and on this web site you will find professional training courses available in the UK and worldwide.

Training courses include Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Quantum Pain Therapy, The Hypnotic Gastric Band, Masters and Stage Hypnosis.

The buttons to the top left will guide you around the site and give you more information on hypnosis training with David Knight and The British Academy of Hypnosis.



40 Hypnosis CDs - 7 DVDs - 3 Hypnosis E-books - 2 FREE Downloads

David Knight and The British Academy of Hypnosis have a range of self hypnosis CD programs to help with stopping smoking, sleeping, weight loss, fears and phobias, confidence, addictions, stress management and many more!

The Naked Hypnosis range of e-books strips bare and reveals the secrets of self hypnosis and hypnotic persuasion. E-books that really pack a punch!

There are 7 Stage Hypnosis DVDs available from the site.

All with free worldwide delivery.



David Knight - The Mind Persuader - Give him a piece of your mind!

Office: 0844 6655 333 /  Mobile: 07017 000 333




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