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Quantum Mind Code and Our 5 GUARANTEES.

Your mind is an amazing computer but at the end of the day it is only as good as the software that is running it. Over time we create beliefs and habits which become our character. Unfortunately some of these beliefs can become self limiting and the habits can become bad ones which we wish to remove.

Hypnosis is computer programming for the mind. By relaxing and listening to hypnosis audio you can quickly and easily remove barriers that have held you back and with these self hypnosis CDs the effects are quick, easy and affordable. So if you want to stop smoking, lose weight, boost your energy or create new belief systems then these self hypnosis CDs are today's modern answer, they are effective and very, very fast.

How the Hypnosis CDs work.

Suggestions to make changes are more powerful in certain states of mind or brain waves. These more powerful brain waves can be accessed through relaxation or through hypnosis. As you relax your brain waves change from an awake Beta state to an Alpha and then Theta level. As you relax through the levels of brain waves the number of repetitions required to make changes reduces.

The hypnosis CDs from The British Academy of Hypnosis contain powerful hypnotic suggestions that will allow you to make positive changes to your mind as you relax and listen to the hypnosis programmes. Just simply put your feet up relax and let the CDs re-program your mind so that you can break old habits and create new habits fast! Simple really.


Why choose the British Academy of Hypnosis CDs?

Here's 5 great reasons why our CDs are the very best available to purchase today.

1. All British Academy of Hypnosis CDs use Quantum Mind Code which offer up to 63% more power.

Quantum Mind Code is a brain wave frequency hidden within the hypnotic audio programme. This frequency will not be heard consciously but subconsciously it will ensure that the hypnotic suggestions have a greater impact on your mind. Quantum Mind Code has shown to give up to a 63% increase in power over other self hypnosis programmes. Quantum Mind Code is only found in the British Academy of Hypnosis CDs.


Quantum Mind Code frequencies are generated by our powerful hypnotic computer systems and embedded into all our hypnosis audio programs.

 The mind follows varies brain frequencies during the hypnotic relaxation process. Our computer systems generate the correct suggestions at the correct time through the CD to ensure that the right words are used at the most powerful time.

This has show to help increase the suggestibility of the listener by up to 63%.




 This powerful Quantum Mind Code technology is only available in The British Academy of Hypnosis CDs.


2. High Tech CDs at an affordable price.

Even though the technology behind our CDs makes them more powerful they are still no more expensive than most hypnosis CDs available on the Internet today. All our CDs are professionally produced and competitively priced.


3. All with a full 30 day money back guarantee!

Where in the world can you purchase a CD and try it for a full month and if you are not happy you can refund it for a full refund of the product price? Well that's exactly what we offer. When making changes your mind does not want to be rushed and so our success guarantee is valid for full 30 days with no questions asked!


4. A product guaranteed for a life time!!

OK, we know CDs were meant to last for ever! Well the fact is they don't! We know that once you have used one of our products you will want to buy more and so we have decided to give you a full lifetime guarantee! We know you would be lost without our product if you came to it one day and it didn't work because it was scratched or broken, well from now on don't worry! We guarantee our CDs for a life time! If it is scratched or broken or just simply won't play we will replace the product completely free of charge forever!


5. Buying direct from The British Academy of Hypnosis with excellent support.

You are buying your CDs direct from The British Academy of Hypnosis and also receiving direct full support. We are a Hypnotherapy Company and so we have trained Hypnotherapists to hand should you have any questions  about your product or require our support.


With Every CD Purchased You Will Receive.

Quantum Mind Code technology

30 minutes of beautiful relaxing music.

Guaranteed changes for life.

Free postage within the UK.

Fast world wide delivery.

Life time free replacement of the product

Hypnotic music and voice induction.

Hypnotic and subliminal suggestions.

Posted out in plain packaging.

Free 30 minute "Understanding Self Hypnosis" mp3 download!

Free downloadable "Understanding Hypnosis" e-book.

Free Hypnotherapist guidance and support if required.

Free 30 minute "Relaxation" mp3 by joining our newsletter.

Regular e-mail support and encouragement if required.

All from as little a 16 per CD.

All with a 100% total satisfaction 30 day guarantee.



Backed By 5 Guarantees!

1. Quantum Mind Code Technology with up to 63% more power guaranteed!     2. Excellent competitive pricing!

3. A full 1 year success guarantee!       4. Life time replacement guarantee!        5. Support from qualified Hypnotherapists if required!



If you require more help or support please feel free to contact us.

E-mail: web@knightmanagement.co.uk / UK Telephone: 0844 6655 333

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