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Health Mastery Coaching

Become A Master of Your Health

The Shortest, Fastest, Easiest Pathway to Health

Master Your Mind and You Master Your Life

We all have dreams about living a long and healthy life but modern day stresses can easily get in our way and prevent us from living the healthiest life possible.

Hypnosis Mind Mastery allows you to achieve a life of health and happiness by utilising the incredible power of hypnosis to make these changes fast.

This 8 month Mind Mastery Course offers you all the tools and support you need to change self limiting beliefs in all areas of your life. Along with your very own personal Hypnosis Life Coach you will receive all the tools, hypnosis audio and motivation for you to succeed in making the personal change that you are looking for.

A course that really does deliver the healthiest version of you.

What Change Are You Ready To Make?

You choose the areas of life that your want to change and your Hypnosis Coach will show you how.

Are you ready to break stress and anxiety, sleep well, release depression, remove pain, boost energy, better health, loose weight, build confidence, let go of fears and phobias or smash through self limiting beliefs.

If it's in your mind hypnosis can help you change it.

Of course the beauty of hypnosis is that it's simple, fast, effective and lasts a life time!

This course and support program is completed online and so no matter where you are in the world, if you are reading this now then you have all the tools needed to begin.

The Personal 30 Minute Consultation
It's a personal course for you and so that we can discover your personal needs your first step is to have a 30 Minute Online Consultation with Master Hypnotist David Knight.

This free personal consultation can be done via Internet Phone or Video Conferencing.

The 8 Part Health Mastery Course

8 Downloadable Life Changing Manuals
1 Facebook Support group
8 Live Group Coaching Sessions
8 Live Group Hypnosis Relaxation Sessions
12 Subconscious Mind Blasting Hypnosis Audios

Program One
Preparing to Make Change
Creating Your 4 Month Plan
Understanding The Human Mind
Conscious and Subconscious Mind Power
Hypnosis Stress and Anxiety Busting!
Live Hypnosis Relaxation Session

Program Two
Analyse and Measure Your Current Performance
A Positive Mind and Self Esteem
Delete Your Mind Junk
Remove Self Limiting Beliefs
The Hypnosis Head Cleaner
Live Coaching Session

Program Three
The Science of Attraction
Reticular Activation System
4 Month SMART Goal Setting
1 Year SMART Goal Setting
Personal Life Values
Personal Life Roles
Live Hypnosis Relaxation Session

Program Four
Remove The Brain Fog
Discover Your 10 Subconscious Saboteurs
Eliminate Your Top 3 Limiting Beliefs
Create A Vision of Your Future
Live Coaching Session

Program Five
Affirmations To Change Your Life
Empowering Your Future Through Vision
Stop Worrying - Break Pain - Anxiety - Stress
Build Confidence - Strength - Energy
SMARTER Hypnosis For Fast Change
Live Coaching Session

Program Six
The Best Version of You
Being The True You
Removing Barriers
Knowing Your Triggers
Self Confidence and Self Esteem
Your Inner Voice

Program Seven
Hypnosis For Health
Break Stress and Anxiety
Create Perfect Health
The Magic of Sleeping Well
Lowering Your Blood Pressure
Preventing Heart Disease
Stress Management for Continued Health
Live Hypnosis Relaxation Session

Program Eight
The Life Changing Power of Genetic Hypnosis
Creating New Health Through Genetics
Changing Genetic Expression Through Hypnosis
Slowing The Ageing Process
3 Genetic Hypnosis Health Downloads
Live Hypnosis Relaxation Session

Your Very Own Personal Hypnosis Coach

A personal coach has the ability to see from afar the problems you are facing and has the tools required to guide you through those problems towards your goals. By using Video Conference Calls and Hypnosis Audio David Knight and his team will move you faster towards your goals than you ever believed possible.

"I have just completed the Health Mastery with David Knight. After you have completed the course you will look at life in a different way. Whatever your goal is in life this course will help you stretch out and reach it. Over the last 2 years I have used David Knights Hypnosis Audios and I would highly recommend you taking time to plan what you want from life, more money, retire early or better health. This course is for you, only you can change your destination in life, change your mind set and you can achieve anything." - Graham - UK

The Online Group Health Mastery Coaching

You will be guided through Health Mastery every step of the way through this personal health coaching program. This will include 8 monthly group video conference calls with Master Hypnotist and Life Coach David Knight. Meet Live online every month for continued group support and Mentoring. Also join David Knight every month for live Group Hypnosis Sessions. Creating Health every step of the way.

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"David, we find that after reading just program one and listening to the downloads, it is teaching us a new way of understanding our minds, that our minds are so much more. With your techniques this program is the key to unlock our minds. The relaxation of the music, voice and delivery system is amazing. We are looking forwards to seeing where you are going to take us in this new journey of our life, Cheers" - Joyce - USA

Are you ready to eliminate procrastination from your life, identify new life goals, map out your path to success and implement proven hypnosis systems that will allow you to stay the course, create the blue print for a new future of health and happiness.

"In this program I've really loved the exploration of the communication with the subconscious to reprogram the way it responds to our goals using hypnosis, breaking those engrained barriers in order to pursue and achieve greater goals." - Helen - UK

Genetic Hypnosis Coding For Perfect Health

Scientists are only just beginning to understand how epigenetic could explain mechanisms of human development and ageing as well as the origins of heart disease, addictions, mental illness and many others diseases and conditions.

Now we know how our epigenetic code influences us, we understand the importance of positive mind programming for perfect health. The power of your thoughts not only rewire your brain but they also have the power to physically alter your genetics.

"The course is well written and easy to understand. Discovering my saboteurs really gave me valuable insights into my mind and what I actually do. The fun now is not only changing what I do but also trying to understand the people I talk to. I wish I had this information years ago as I know my position now would be a lot different. I have a renewed interest in life and eager to follow your future programs. I have already used some of your hypnosis audio with good results in health, stress, pain and worry. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to understand hypnosis and improve their life. Make time for the program, it will change your life." - Chris UK

Brand New Quantum Mind Code Technology
Our understanding of Genetic Coding has lead us to a whole new kind of medicine. Quantum Mind Code (QMC) are powerful affirmations for health and wellbeing delivered with the power of Hypnosis. Hypnosis allows us to bypass the conscious mind and to reach down into the subconscious mind to help the body destroy stress, break disease and allow for the perfect circumstances for the epigenetic code to create better health right at the deepest parts of the unconscious.

"I wanted to give you some feedback on your Perfect Health Audio. Over the last 2 months I have used the Perfect Health audio on a daily basis. Some changes I have made include: I now get 6 to 8 hours sleep very night up from 2-3 hours. I have had dermatitis on a large area of my left leg for 4 years and that's now completely healed. I have had 2 tumours, one on my finger and a large one on my knee, both benign so Doctors said to leave it alone as after previous surgery the tumour grew back in my knee. The size of the tumour in my knees reduced by 90% and the one in my finger is gone. Bottom line, my husband and friends can see a big difference in me, all for the better. Thank you David Knight" - Marie Kingham

"The course assignments really open your mind to opportunities in your life and finding new and exciting ways to achieve them. David Knight is always there with first class support to questions. The course will help people define and develop their lives and goals and I cannot recommend this course highly enough, Im looking forwards to the future." Lee - UK

Here's What You Get!
8 Hypnosis Download .pdf Manuals
12 Hypnosis Audios For Health Mastery
8 Group Coaching Sessions
8 Group Hypnosis Sessions
Daily Motivation Facebook Support Group

Normal Price of £1,584
Available today with a 50% Discount just £792

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Program 7 £99

Program 8 £99

Hypnosis Training Support
All training courses come with full support from David Knight Hypnosis and the World Hypnosis Training membership program.

"David Knight's support through this Hypnosis Health Mastery Program is nothing less than amazing. I have broken my stress, improved my health found myself in a much happier place to live. I feel incredible. The support was more than I could have ever asked for and I highly recommend the program to everyone. I am simply enjoying life again. Thank you." - Sandy - USA

Please join David Knight on a Personal Call
We understand that buying direct from the Internet is not always an easy decision and so if you have not yet met or spoken with David Knight why not arrange a personal call and allow David Knight to answer all your questions in person.

David Knight Master Hypnotist
David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

UK Mobile: +44 (0) 7721 000999
UK Office: +44 (0) 844 6655 333

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